Kerinci Seblat National Park

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December 6, 2014
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December 16, 2014

Kerinci Seblat National Park

Located in the 4 provinces of Sumatra island: West Sumatra, Jambi, Bengkulu and South Sumatra province, the park consist of 1,484, 650 hectares. Started as a game reserve for the protection of the Sumatran endemic mammals such as Sumateran tigers (Panthera tigris sumatrensis), Sumateran Rhinos (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) etc. and was upgraded to a National Park in 1982. It is the only protected area in South East Asia, which is located in the high land. The park also functioned as an important hidro-orologis for the area surroundings with large rookeries that provide breeding grounds for a wide population of mammals.

IMG_5105The vegetation in the park consist of low-land tropical rain forest (200 – 600 m above sea level), sub-montana (600 – 1,500 m asl), Montana (1,500 – 2,500 m asl), gleichenia (ferns) vegetation (2,500 – 2,800 m asl) and the sub-alpine vegetation (2,300 – 3,200 m asl). The topography of the area is predominantly undulating, steep slopes at 200 m asl to an altitude of 3,805 meter. The slightly flat area with altitude of 800 m is located in the enclave area of Kerinci regency. The park’s mean annual rainfall is 3,000 mm, falling mainly in the rainy season (September – February). The temperature varies from 9 degrees Celsius (at the summit of Mt. Kerinci) to 20 degrees Celsius in the valleys


Sumatran-tiger-in-the-wild-Credit-Matt-Linkie-FFIThere are more than 4,000 species of flora, which are dominated of family dipterocarpeae, lauraceae, myrtaceae and bombaceae. The typical vegetation of the park such as histiopteris insica, nepenthes sp., pinus mercusii strain Kerinci, “Pacat” (Harpullia arborea), Rafflesia arnoldi, agathis sp. etc. The park is also rich in wildlife with 30 species of mammals such as: Sumatera Rhinos (Dicerorhinus sumarensis), Sumateran Elephants (elephant maximus), Sumateran tigers (Panthera tigris), Tapirs (Tapirus indica), jungle goats (Capriconus smatrensis); 10 kind of reptils, 6 kind of amphibia, 6 skind of primates such as: Siamang (Sympalagus syndactylus), gibbons (Hylobates agilis), black gibbons (Hylobates lar), long tail macacca fascicularis) and others besides the 139 kind of birds, some are endemic birds such as Sumateran mynah (Cochoa becari), barking doves (arborophila rubirostris) etc.

THE SUMMIT OF Mt. KERINCI (3,805 m asl)
The highest active volcano in South East Asia, reachable by 12 hours trekking up the mountain from Kersik Tuo (Day 1 starting in the early morning to the last camp (3,100 m asl) in 8 hours; Day 2 continue hike up for 4 hours to the summit — total 12 hours).

LAKE GUNUNG TUJUH (1,996 m asl)
A breathtaking and mysterious panoramic non-active watered crater of 1,000 Ha surrounded by the 7 peaks and pristine rain forest with abundant wildlife. It is the highest altitude fresh Water Lake in South East Asia.

THE JUNGLE LODGE (1,400 m asl)
Located 3 hours trekking from the Lake Tujuh, the lodge is built with all wooden and surrounded by beautiful primary tropical rain forest. The area surrounding is habitat of Sumatra tigers and elephant maximus.