BELANTARA is a reflection from high motivated individuals with courage and a need to step up and try to develop with interesting programs base on educational value. In addition, it can give fun elements in every concept and implementation.
The purpose are, it can gives metaphor simulation and facilitate to every partner also client to look up to the future and to reach the dream together.

Eduard Anugerah Vau

Graduated from Business Administration in Atmajaya University. Experience more than 15 years in design and facilitate outdoor management training.
He also has experienced in Human Resources Consultant in the training, Vic: Leadership, Team Building, Character Building, Adevnture Event especially to BUMN, International and National Company.
He is as a training or program partner at several consultant or Camp, Vic: POT, Buni Ropes Camp, Kampoeng Awan, Garasi, Air Putih.
Now, he is passioned to create adventure based program on management and philosophy, bamboo and skin art at Rumah Belantara, Owner Kedai Belantara. Last but not least, as an adventurer he loves to explore jungle, botani and zoological he really like fotography and motorbike.

+62 858 1126 5996
+62 816 4850 157